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The Priority Services Register (PSR)

Indigo Power and Indigo Pipelines maintain electricity and gas networks across the UK and are committed to supporting customers who use and rely on these networks. The Priority Services Register is a free support service that makes sure extra help is available to people in vulnerable situations.

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The Priority Services Register (PSR) provides extra help and additional support during a power cut for vulnerable people. Gas and electricity suppliers and network operators who deliver gas and power to households work together to care and provide additional assistance for customers listed on the PSR.

What are the Benefits of being on the Priority Services Register (PSR)

  • We will keep you informed of any planned interruptions to your gas or electricity supply.

  • We will keep in touch with you during any unplanned interruption to your gas or electricity supply.

  • We can use an agreed password to verify the identity of any of our representatives that may visit you.

  • We can list an alternative person at an alternative address to contact on your behalf.

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Which Customers are Eligible?

You are eligible to join the PSR if you, or someone in your household:
  • Uses medical equipment reliant on electricity.
  • Has a disability.
  • Are blind or partially sighted.
  • Are deaf or hard of hearing.
  • Have loss or impairment of smell.

You are also eligible if you have anxiety, depression or any mental health condition. You qualify if you need documents translated into another format or temporarily need extra support. You also qualify if you are of pensionable age or have children under five. If you are unsure if you, or your household qualify, please contact either your electricity supplier, or Indigo Networks. We will be able to help and confirm if you are eligible for the PSR.

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Power Cuts and Supply Information

We cannot guarantee 100% availability of your gas or electricity supply at all times and although rare, power cuts can and do happen.

In an emergency or loss of electricity, please telephone 105 or 01184 362 510

In an emergency or loss of gas, please telephone 0800 111 999

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What happens during extreme weather or other emergency events?

Extreme events do happen and we cannot plan for this, therefore it might be appropriate for us to provide additional support to customers that may be especially vulnerable to supply interruptions.

The level of support available and provided will be dependent on individual customer needs, requirements, and the nature and duration of any extreme events.
Please be assured that we will take all reasonable steps to help our vulnerable customers during such extreme situations, including pro-active communication via various means.

If you feel that you need individual assistance from us during a supply interruption, then please contact us on the Priority Service number you received following your registration.

Your safety is our priority and we are here to support our customers.

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