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Indigo Power is an independent, UK based, Independent Distribution Network Operator (iDNO). Since being granted our electricity distribution licence in August 2020, we have been supporting and working with customer across the EV sector, offering competitive investment capital, design and build support inclusive of commissioning, legal acquisitions, and final adoption. As the Electrical Network Owner, we understand the importance of energising your site. Our experienced team provide an efficient and timely whilst ensuring the networks we own and operate are robust and reliable.

Our dedicated Indigo EV team can help simplify your EV charging projects, be they LV, HV or HV Plus and will collaborate with you to reach your charging objectives. As the Electrical Network Owner, the energisation of your site is extremely important to us. We understand the challenges that an EV project can bring, and that’s why our experienced team will work with you to deliver best value engineering solutions and energise your project in line with build programmes. Indigo Power will be responsible for the ongoing operation and maintenance of your network and our team will support you for the complete lifecycle of your project.

Independent Connection Providers

Offering independent competitive Asset Values and legal, design and construction support tailored to your requirements

We are growing our network through asset acquisitions. If you are a NERS accredited ICP and would like to work with an experienced team of asset managers offering support in delivering your connections, we would be delighted to quote for your assets. Contact our dedicated Indigo EV Team to discuss your asset value proposal at [email protected]

Charge Point Operators

Offering independent competitive Asset Values to enable you to correctly finance your proposed development.

With our network of developers and ICPs Indigo EV can offer Asset Values, legal, design and construction support tailored to your requirements. Indigo EV will Work with your chosen ICP to ensure your project progresses from site aquisiton through to power on.Contact our dedicated Indigo EV Team your asset value proposal at [email protected]

As an Independent Distribution Network Operator, we require our networks to be designed and built to ENA design standards. The standards applicable to your project locations can be found by following the link.

Consultants & Landlords

Working with Consultants and Landlords to facilitate the development of EV charging stations.

Contact our dedicated Indigo EV Team to discuss your asset value proposal at [email protected]

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